Monday, February 2, 2009

Voices For Change - Kenya M. Brown

Voices for Change.

My name is Kenya Brown. I am a 27 year old child care provider. I am currently unemployed and looking to return to school in the near future. I was an elementary education major at Alverno college here in Milwaukee. I am currently looking forward to changing my major to community education, and later finishing my degree in elementary education. Since leaving Alverno, I have worked in the early childhood education field. I have worked as a Childcare teacher, Assistant Childcare Director and as a K-5 teacher. I taught K-5 for two years in a privet/choice school. This is when I developed a desire to do more as an educator. I saw the children and parents who were ill prepared for school. I have watched our public school system get increasingly worse I'm sad to say. Some of the charter schools that I have visited are not the best situation for quality education. For example in the charter schools you have grossly under paid teachers. Many times these very teachers have to supplies their own classroom because the school will not. For example I had to purchase paper for my K-5 students. I was to teach them to write but the school would not give us paper. Lack of pay also causes some teachers to seem not to care about what and how much their students are learning. When I taught K-5 I was dedicated to each child in my classroom. I believe each of their parents would say the same. What sadden me as an educator is that I did not have my degree and I was more dedicated to the education of my students than some of the teachers who did. When it comes to our public schools I feel there are a lot of choices being made that are not putting the children first. Many of our schools have closed down, causing us to have schools in side of schools. For example a building that may have been used as a high school may now have two other schools sharing that building. This means that class sizes are out of control and the teacher is spending most of the day dealing with behavior issues. I knew it was something I could do. As I watched the progress of your election I became inspired to help change Milwaukee. I decided I wanted to offer Children a head start on their education, giving them the foundations for success. After I became unemployed I applied for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and became serious about my mission and began to research what would make a quality educational center? During my research I found that there are many outside factors that may cause a child's lack of educational success besides the quality of care given. Studies show the following could affect a child's educational development: low birth weight, poverty, uneducated parents and lack of resources just to name a few. I then decided that I want to educate the whole Family! Now my plan is to open an early learning and family center. In this center I want to offer quality care and a jumpstart to educational excellence for young children offering care and education through K-5. In the family center I would like to offer people ages 13 and up free or half price classes such as: G.E.D, Financial planning and management, child care, certified nursing assistant, welding, computer, etc. I would also offer after school tutoring and home work assistants, resume writing, and employment searches. I believe the early learning and family center would make an extreme impact on the under privileged families in Milwaukee. By educating the whole family young children have a better opportunity for educational success. If parents have access to more affordable education they may become more active in their child's education. Parents will feel comfortable encouraging their children because they have proof that with an education a better life is possible. People will be able to release themselves from W-2 services. With more education people will increase their earning power, in turn creating a better quality of life for the entire family.

So I ask of you Mr. President is there any way the government can help me with this endeavor? I have begun to write a business plan, as well as policies and procedures. As I began to search the city for a building I found that the pre existing buildings in the inner city will not service my needs. Unfortunately I do not possess the funds to build. Whatever the outcome of this letter may be I am committed to education and my dream to change Milwaukee.

Thank you for allowing me your time. I never dreamed I would ever feel comfortable enough to contact the President of the United States! Thank you for making yourself available to the public.

Kenya M. Brown

Milwaukee Wisconsin

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