Monday, February 2, 2009

Voices For Change

Voices for Change.

Katia Romero
Felicitaciones, que Dios Todopoderoso lo bendiga, sabe que 6 mil millones de personas del mundo entero apostamos a su éxito, el cual sería la salida a esta crisis global.
No es mi inteción asustarlo, simplemente deseo que sepa que desde un país tercermundista, con un comunista disfrazado de socialista como Presidente, existimos personas que creemos firmemente en la Libertad y la Democracia plena, como la pensaron nuestros antecesores, como Bolívar y Washington.
Por favor no se olvide de nosotros. Lamentablemente no hablo inglés, pero en español quiero desearle todo el éxito posible, no digo suerte, porque ya la tiene. Mil felicitaciones y que la Virgen María lo proteja con su manto.


TO PRES.BARACK H.OBAMA congratulations MR. PRESIDENT,a strong applause on your victory and a Professional Soldiers Salute by Myself and Associate Brothers-in-Arms,..I have a Message to Bring you Sir,despite the Greatness of Todays Events your inauguration a truly wonderful and outstanding Performance, and your exquisite speech which motivated the masses, ..tomorrow is another day which we must all wake up to...the first is the have seen the DOW performance, and yes the economy, the average citizen sees only the surface, not the \"MEAT\" of the matter, you were correct in stating this crisis was built through past negligence and corruptive activities and mismanagement of Economic resources,...would advice an upgrade of alternative energy resources which would create millions of jobs nationwide, utilize all forms of energy and break away from all international oil merchants which has caused our nations oil dependency and Control by other Nationals globally we have un-tapped oil and energy resources here in America...which given the chance can rebuild our Economy...2.the other is the Question of Combating Terrorist organizations globally, we do not want to be a POLICE organization, but we can Produce COUNTER-TERRORIST BATTALIONS made up of \"security checked\" operatives from the international community...and they must be\"HIGH-PRIORITY\" security checks, interpol, F.B.I, all at level 3 security checks, for clearance and participation of these secret/stealth counter-terror platoons to operate, next these groups would only operate and neutralize operational terrorist organizations, through infiltrations, supply and arms sabotage as was the MAC-Vietnam S.O.G groups standard procedures in Viet-Nam,and a re-establishment of the \"PHOENIX OPERATIONS\" for the capture and neutralization of TERRORIST LEADERSHIP 3.the participation of Affected nations by terrorist groups in supplying their \"GUEST\" counter-terror teams with a \"base camp\" or \"safe houses\" to identify and neutralize or capture the terrorists...there must be a written agreement by the legislative branch of participating AFFECTED nations, as there will be a fee placed on these nations for the groups active services,,this can be arranged through your financial branch and oversight by yourself...again I state many military veterans sometimes involve themselves in \"MERCENARY\" contract work as I have, because there was no alternative...this counter-terror group can be an alternative, but sponsored for the international community against \"VIOLENT TERROR GROUPS\"...much like the MERC groups in Africa and South America and the Contras in nicaragua...some of which I also was a participant...I must suggest this to you sir as it may also create an alternative job basis for high-skilled personnel coming in from the field whom have only one mind-set the military...and unfortunately some Soldiers cant adapt to civilian life, they either become criminals, psychotic-policemen, or MERCS for HIRE on the wrong side, some terrorists, tapping into this resource can benefit our NATIONAL SECURITY,and INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES...I know we have something similiar in \"BLACKWATER\" sir I am a professional mercenary have worked on the many conflicted nations affected by war and communist insurgents and terrorist groups, Spain,Europe, North africa, middle-east, Central and South America, I have seen what men do to the innocent, I have seen children trained by groups like Al-QAEDA, or F.A.R.C.or E.T.A.or E.Z.L.N. and many of these groups had instructors which were former Soldiers in our own U.S.forces hired for the purpose of training their Guerrillas..believe it or not..we can tap into this leak of good soldiering and use it against Terrorism..and controlled only by a selected commander in your not politicize the group , it must remain \"CONFIDENTIAL TOP SECRET\" ...this project will work only if it is given its own arm of operations, intel., supplies, logistics, communications and administrative directorate plus staff the branch must be apart from regular military forces, but using a network of cooperative field intelligence from all National Agencies including the 100 presidents men...all g-units must be Co-op and network for Back-up rescue teams the groups inserted into trouble hot-spots must have 100% cooperation from hosting governing nation as these will be internationals fighting terrorists in their countries...we reverse the status of violence against civilians and turn the tide and heat on terrorists....GOOD LUCK , TO know where to find me leave me a NOTE...your friend and ally ...\'KING-FISHER
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