Friday, March 6, 2009

Abraham Lincoln's First Sitting in Washington DC

Abraham Lincoln, originally uploaded by Smithsonian Institution.

With President Obama' s emphasis on former President Abraham Lincoln, I thought it would be fitting to post an archival picture of Lincoln's first photo sitting in Washington DC. There are probably a lot of young folks out there who really don't even know what this famous President looks like, unless they are viewing him from some stone or concrete monument.

I think it is a paramount reflection upon President Barack Obama that he studied and admired President Abraham Lincoln so much. There are many synchronicities between the lives of these two famous and most fascinating "legends' in history.

Yes, I called the current President Barack Obama a legend. Whether you love him or hate him, you feel strong passionate emotion about President Obama. His persona is so magnetic, he does not leave you standing in the middle of the road. You either step to the far left or the far right. It will take an act of epoch proportions to help us all find the middle ground here to make compromises. Hopefully, this journey will be one that courses from our hearts.

Lincoln and Obama are strikingly similar while standing at opposite ends of the time and race spectrum. That is what makes their connection so noteworthy.

History recorded the image of a man who evoked equally as much passion either on one side of the road, (issues) or the other side. The passion towards Lincoln was so intense that it divided nations, freed slaves and ultimately cost him his life. President Abraham Lincoln is infamous and he will remain etched in the hearts and souls of a nation that came face to face with its own dark and light side.

President Obama shares that same distinct notability. The lines are being drawn in the sand. People are stepping to either one side or the other. As for me, I am standing back just to observe for a while and I am not choosing any sides. I prefer to remain solid on my moral convictions and not allow political passions to push me too far to the light or too far to the dark.

History and destiny will be the judge and time will bring us to the end of this historical political battle. Pray that the passion of people's hearts does not take the life of another infamous man. History has claimed too many lives already over the people's inability to live together in compassionate harmony.

Notable Distinctions

"Lincoln was the first president after photography truly came of age. He embraced the new technology, sitting frequently, and he was interested in both technological issues and composition. Perhaps because of his early struggle to make himself into somebody of substance- to make himself visible - Lincoln was acutely aware of the power of image- making. Although Lincoln knew, and joked about, the fact that he was a difficult subject, he was not camera-shy, producing a continuous portrait record of his time in office. Attuned to public opinion, Lincoln used portraits to keep himself in the eye of his fellow citizens. When he arrived in Washington, Lincoln quickly arranged to have himself photographed at Alexander Gardner’s studio. These photographs were the first widely disseminated pictures of the president with his newly grown beard."

These memoirs sound like a parody in President Barack Hussein Obama's portfolio. One would wonder, are these men really two different souls?

Cheryl Lynn Gardner

a/k/a The Midnight Writer

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