Monday, March 23, 2009

The Poor.....Stealing from the Rich?

A few weeks ago, I watched Senator Orin Hatch (R) speak before Congress. He complained that the Recovery Package was equivalent to stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Senator Hatch used Disney's image of Robin Hood and spoke as if telling a bedtime story, except his tone was condescending, angry, mean. My question to Senator Hatch and anyone with the same thought process: who is stealing from whom?

Does anyone remember the weekly paycheck? I do. The excuse to pay bi-weekly was to save large and small business from the hardship of payroll, their cry that it was too expensive and too much of a burden answered, at the expense of a workforce already struggling paycheck to paycheck as health care and the cost of living far exceeded earnings. How many had to resort to credit cards for basic necessities? Who is stealing from whom?

True Capitalism has been grotesquely abused by trickle down economics and greed. When the labor force is denied a living wage and can no longer afford the very product they help manufacture, manage, and service, Local and State Government suffer, and finally, those very businesses that denied a living wage, in order to stuff their pockets, begin to suffer because no one can afford their product. Who is stealing from whom?

Next came Outsourcing under the guise of "global competitiveness," that the U.S. workforce expected too much in wages and benefits. In reality, this was a means of killing off unionized labor and avoiding paying their taxes. This is no different than those hiding wealth in off-shore accounts. Corporate Welfare. Who is stealing from whom?

Senator Hatch and other Republicans oppose the much needed Recovery Package, reformed health care, welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.; yet, their policies and ideals, spanning the past eight years and more, have forced thousands and thousands of people into these very programs.

Who has been stealing from whom?
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