Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vermont Regional Health Forum: Streaming at 1:30

The next stop in the drive for health reform is in Burlington, Vermont today, where another Regional Forum will be hosted by Governor Douglas of Vermont and Governor Patrick of Massachusetts. Again, it will focus on getting input from the American public and stakeholders from every side of the issue, from doctors to business owners to public officials.

Watch the livestream at HealthReform.gov at 1:30.

The local NPR station in Boston, WBUR, has a story up on the caravan up to Vermont from Massachusetts:

Dozens of Massachusetts hospital, insurance, employment and health care advocacy leaders are on the road to Vermont to discuss national health reform.

The governors of Vermont and Massachusetts are co-leading today's event to highlight their states' efforts to cover the uninsured. They'll take questions and comments for about an hour and half.

Alliea Groupp, who will attend with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, says now, during an economic downturn, is the time to make sure Americans have coverage.

"We need to be able to strengthen the safety nets and one such safety net here in Massachusetts is our health reform," says Groupp. "And to be able to deliver that nationally could be a significant improvement in many people's lives."

The ball got rolling on health reform back during the Transition period, where people got together in hundreds of communities to discuss the problems at hand and report back about what they came up with. See the report compiled for the President from their comments at HealthReform.gov as well, or check out the slideshow of the pictures they sent in below.
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