Monday, March 2, 2009

Voices For Change - Julianna LaRose

Voices for Change.

Nervously, thinking it would never happen, I admired the man, Barack Obama, and wanted him as my President.

When Bush was first elected, four years seemed a lifetime, but his re-election was far worse, an eternity of doom and gloom.

Indeed, this is the state of our Country and it has greatly affected my health and finances. My husband is one of millions who lost his job in mid-September, with it our health insurance. I cannot work because of chronic pain. COBRA was beyond our finances. We are screwed right now.

Proud, so proud I am to have President Obama in the White House. But, on Inauguration Day, 1/20/09, four years suddenly feels like mere seconds, so yes, I will help in any way needed.

Julianna LaRose
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