Monday, March 2, 2009

Voices For Change - Julianna LaRose

Voices for Change.

The economy has turned my life into pure hell. I mean that in a literal sense. My husband lost his job in mid-September, with it our health insurance. COBRA? We could barely pay for my medications needed for chronic pain. A condition that keeps me from being able to work, yet I'm not considered disabled. We receive no financial assistance other than unemployment.

I contacted my husband's former employer, Target Retail, to ask about the change in COBRA and when I could expect a new application. A rude spokeswoman told me that President Obama must clarify terms of voluntary termination and until then, they won\'t have to send me anything. My husband was not given a choice, his department was downsized nationwide for a total of 300 jobs. He was also told he will not be allowed to apply for any position with Target for 6 months and will most likely not be considered for employment again.

I hope we receive the new COBRA application in a timely fashion. Even then, I may not be able to afford the new rate, as my medications and office visits are still financially out of reach for us when dealing with the premium, discounted or not. We do not qualify for Medicaid and I have been forced to apply for Social Security Medical Disability.

This whole affair is humiliating. We were not financial stable to begin with. My husband turned 50 six weeks after losing his job. Age is now a factor. Chronic pain in itself is a nightmare dealing with exploitation from the medical community and pharmaceutical companies, and the lack of enforcing the few Rights that do exist for us. Chronic pain is not recognized as a disability.

These are my thoughts.
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