Sunday, March 15, 2009

Voices For Change - Quilla M. French

Voices for Change.

I'm proud to have a president that stands by his word. I hope that soon you will get a chance to go back and speak to some of the injured soldiers and their familys that were treated badly. There are a lot of single parents that are out there that have lost confidents in our goverment, we need to ensure them that they are not forgotten. Some still need help. You know most can not get a home if they don't have a job. so them and they children live poorly, and they should not have to suffer after they have given so much for our country. I hope this can be address soon. Because it is hard for me to see my child go through this without any help. I try but it is hard for me to travel between my home and hers. Please help, if you look at the pictures you will see some of her injures.
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