Thursday, May 7, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Orchid Myst

Name: : Orchid Myst
Issue: : An Important Message From Pres. Obama About the Swine Flu!
Thoughts: : Dear President Obama and Vice-President Biden:

This virus outbreak concerns me greatly, as my husband is ill/disabled, suffering from many ailments since 2000 - specifically, an immune deficiency.

His condition at the onset was severe \"Psoriasis\", coupled with severe, excruciating pain. Since the year 2000, my husband has not received proper medical care. The doctors that have treated him have mainly pushed prescription drugs on him, without coming up with a proper diagnosis to establish the excruciating pain for which he suffers from daily (for 9 years). (How can one take certain prescription drugs, without knowing one\'s ailment? How can a doctor prescribe same?). Nor had they helped him in the past by coming up with regular therapy treatments to alleviate the excruciating pain - bringing about any form of comfort to his being. He has been 98 percent bedridden since becoming ill. He is in and out of the hospitals too frequently, recently for Pneumonitis (developed twice) has many more serious ailments, which include Hep. B&C, Gout, Pleurisy/COPD, compression fractures.

Interesting though, yet alarming, I recently did research on the internet, and I came up with a possible diagnosis for my husband, based upon every single complaint he has (and has had over the years) - which is an extremely painful arthritic condition called \"Ankylosing Spondylitis\". Note that this condition has caused his spine to deteriorate over the years.

Being that my husband\'s initial physical complaint of Psoriasis, for which he still severely suffers from greatly, I called the National Psoriasis Foundation and they referred me to a Rheumatologist. I set up an appt. for my husband with this doctor. The doctor ran specific tests, and four days later, the doctor contacted my husband and indicated that he believes my husband suffers from \"Ankylosing Spondylitis\". My husband returned for a second visit. The doctor gave him a TB shot - and wanted to hear from us in 2 days. Unfortunately, this doctor has failed to return our many telephone calls.

The past treating doctors had all failed to properly diagnosis my husband, and to truly address my husband\'s physical complaints. Pushing drugs on my husband for all these years without properly diagnosing him was not the answer, for it has caused his condition to worsen. My husband is currently 45 years old - being 36 years old when he became disabled.

The past doctors have truly robbed my husband of 9 years of his life, including his future health/well-being. I feel that these past doctors, including the most recent, have not lived up to the Hippocratic Oath, allowing my husband to have suffered and continue to suffer. There is no known cure for this condition at this time, but certainly no human being, my husband especially, should have to live in excruciating pain and suffer every single day for the rest of their life.

I have always wanted to seek out altnerative medicine for my husband due to the poor overwhelming experience he has gone through - and I most definitely suffer along with him, unfortunately though, State Disability, Medi-Medi, does not afford us that choice/opportunity - they do not cover such care. I honestly feel that my husband would benefit ever so greatly if he could seek out such an alternative approach - it would allow him to begin to function like a human being again.

As mentioned, the past doctors have pushed drugs on him, appearing to have ignored past test results, without doing everything in their power to get to the heart of the matter as to why he has and is suffering from the pain.

With specific regard to this virus outbreak, what do I do for him? it is most alarming. I do not know what will become of my husband. Every single day, I fear for his life/survival.

With respect to Health care reform, it truly must be about healing all those that suffer - to include seeking out alternative medicine/care/treatment - and not just so that it is only focused on monetarily compensating doctors of Western Medicine and drug companies.

I have written to State Senators imploring them to change the Health Care system wherein my husband and others can seek out alternative care and treatment, whereby in California, where we reside, and other State Disability, Medi-Medi, programs, will cover same. Personally, we do not have the financial resources to pay on our own. The system also needs to change wherein doctors are held accountable, as most certainly doctors cover for other doctors. I feel that the doctors that treated my husband in the past harmed him greatly, and he is being terribly neglected by the most recent. This, to me, appears to be malpractice. The Hippocratic Oath must truly be taken seriously.

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