Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama Organizing Bloggers 2.0

Obama Organizing Bloggers had been stopped for the last couple of months because we changed our facebook account. Although facebook and the bloggers on this website are not directly connected, we decided to start the movement all over again.

If you were a blogger on Obama'12 Blog previously, you can still blog. You don't need to set-up a new account. If you want to become a new blogger, please visit Obama Organizing Bloggers

Blogging on this website is a great a way to connect with others supporters. You can blog about President Obama's stance on the issues that matter to you the most. For example, you can write about Education, and ask republicans in the congress and the senate to support Pres. Obama's plan to fix education.

Posts that are written by Obama Bloggers will appear on our facebook profile. There, people can share your thougths with their friends and you can connect with them as well.

Each week, we'll name the best blogger, and all their blog posts. Anybody who become the "Blogger of the Week" will also be an officer or administrator of Obama'12 Facebook group.

If you want to set-up a new account, please visit

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