Sunday, June 21, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Karen Christofi

Name: : Karen Christofi
Issue: : single payer now!!
Thoughts: : Now is the time to create and adopt a single payer national healthcare system!! Think of how freeing it would be. Many people work at jobs they HATE because the company provides good healthcare benefits. Think of how freeing it would be for corporations that compete on an international level. The burden of providing healthcare for their employees would be eliminated. It would start an entrepreneurial BOOM!! Everyone could be covered where ever they choose to live in the country. We also need to have tort reform. There are too many lawyers circling like sharks waiting to sue at the least issue. There are simply no guarantees in healthcare. PLEASE MR.PRESIDENT!! DO SOMETHING NOW! I agree with Bill Mahr...the democrats are as much a problem as the republicans. Develop a BACKBONE!! Get it done. I\\\'m tired of my helathcare decisions being made by an insurance company clerk who may or may not have a high school diploma. I want my doctor make those decisions. The republicans seem to think that this current system is perfect. NOT!!! We need a single payer system now!!
Thank you for reading my comments.
Karen Christofi
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