Friday, June 26, 2009

The Power of Unity: Connecticut's New Energy

There is an amazing energy that is building in Connecticut. The energy is the power of unity -- many in body / one in mind. Time and again during this past legislative session, ordinary citizens united together to bring about change in our state. In the town of Waterbury, citizens and elected officials rallied together, unanimously passing SB 3 to prevent the world's largest garbage dump from being built in the heart of the town's most populated area. Similar efforts statewide won continued funding of matters concerning charter schools. It was our united voice that brought about the strong passage of two critical health care bills, SustiNet and Connecticut Partnership bills. And in the town of East Hartford, high school students rallied with parents and teachers, and students from middle and elementary schools to put back the funding in the city budget for sports, arts and gifted/talented programs -- and they won.

This kind of actual proof shows us that when we unite together, we can accomplish anything.

On Sunday, June 23rd, over 200 citizens and elected officials came out and rallied at the State Capitol to save medicaid services. “We’re here to ask our leaders to remember the people behind the budget cuts,” Brenda Kelley, AARP state director, said Tuesday. “One in eight people in the state of Connecticut depend on Medicaid.” (full article)

On Tuesday, June 24th, once again Connecticut citizens and elected officials lead by the Interfaith Fellowship for Universal Health Care united their voices and first held a vigil outside of the State Capitol that was followed by a march to the Governor's mansion, seeking access to quality affordable health care -- with a strong public option -- for all.

Late in the evening of June 24th and on June 25th, Connecticut citizens joined with thousands of people from across the country and rallied at the nation's capitol calling for health care reform. "Harry's dead and Louise has got diabetes," Gerald McEntee, international president of the AFSCME, told the thousands at the rally, sponsored by the organization Health Care For America Now. He was referencing the infamous television commercial, funded by the Health Insurance Association of America, that had a hand in killing President Clinton's attempt at health care reform in the 1990's." (See full article.)

The battle is not over and there is still much work to be done.

We must continue to stand with President Obama and each other in a united voice and call members of Congress to let them know that quality, affordable health care with a strong public option is in the best interest of all of America's citizens. Our united voice brought us this far and it will carry us to victory. Everyone is being encouraged to call members of Congress today to keep the momentum going.

Call Congress and let them know that we strongly support President Obama's three principles for health care reform in 2009. Namely:
Congress must pass a plan that reduces costs, guarantees choice – including the choice of a public insurance option – and ensures quality care for every American.
It gets better. This weekend, Connecticut citizens are participating in the President's National Health Care Day of Service. What a great way to end the week. Click here to find an event near you.
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