Friday, June 26, 2009

Tonight: Help Create a Clean Energy Economy

OFA Political Director Addisu Demissie just sent out the following update to the President's message on the American Clean Energy and Security Act:

Any minute now, Congress will vote on historic climate change legislation that will transform the way we use and produce energy in America.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act creates a framework of clean energy incentives that will spur the development of new technologies -- innovations that have the potential to create millions of new, good green jobs that can't be shipped overseas.

But its passage out of the House is in jeopardy -- will you make a call today to ensure that it passes?

Click here to find your representative's number.

Make a call for clean energy

And after you've made your call, let us know whether or not your representative committed to supporting this legislation.

Making sure this bill passes the House is an important first step towards a comprehensive energy policy that breaks our dependence on foreign oil, reduces dangerous carbon pollution, and will help create millions of new, green jobs here at home.

Call your representative today, and help ensure that this crucial legislation passes.

Then let us know how the call went, so we can keep track of where your representative stands:

Thank you,


Addisu Demissie
Political Director
Organizing for America

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