Monday, June 22, 2009

Voices For Change: Mark S. Torres

Light Cross Foundation-Business Development Proposal For Economic Recovery Using Clean Energy Techno
Aloha President Obama,

Mahalo for recently accepting me as a friend on your Facebook page.
On the topic of environmental change, your devotion and initiative for moving toward oil independence by using existing and innovative, cost effective, clean energy technologies most definitely been revered, not only in the US, but the rest of the world by involved parties that really care about the best protection possible for our god-given, beautifully created home. With this noted, it is my hope to capture your attention with your review and comments to the following.
My colleagues and I represent the forming Light Cross Foundation and Engineering, US Chapter with I being chosen as the mouthpiece. Long story short, we have been entrusted by the inventor of an extremely unique achievement and apparatus, which is patented, that holds the key to countless applications for economic recovery and self-sustainability through the use of clean energy technologies form the Light Cross system. I would certainly like to express our objectives and present you an unprecedented proposal for your review and comments. Due to the confidential nature of our documents and proposal, please direct your interest response to my email address or call me at anytime to make other arrangements.
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