Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Voices For Change: Pres. Obama's Stance On Iran

Nona Hillard

President Obama must use caution, prior to interfering in Iranian politics! His administration does not want to jeopardize the safety of young revolutionaries in their honorable quest for freedom! My president will not be bated in harming innocent lives! The Iranian’s must fight their battles; overt influence by America will lend to further suffering. America wishes Iranian people success, as they unclench their fist.
Islam allhem

Ali Mohmoud

i absolutely agree with you we can not interfere with iran affair but you have moral responsibility to act upon there action by holding them responsible for the killing of civilians through the united nation and by not recognizing their government democracy surely the should be ashamed to call them self Muslim cheating and rigging the election and lying and try to oppress the truth by crackdown but democracy will always prevail people make government not the other way around

Rob Strunk

Good job on staying low and out of foreign affairs regarding the decision to let them find a solution for their government issues!
- Rob McLean, Va.

Carolyn Botto Lombard

Dear Mr. President,

I agree with your decision to stay out of the Iran mess. I don't know why we and other people feel it's up to the americans to save the planet. I think we need to focus on North Korea getting ready to blow us off the face of the earth, because I really feel they can do it. I also feel that Alqueda is getting stronger and they will be back. I think we should get out of Iraq, and we really need to focus on our own country. We have enough with people having very little values, since we no longer recognize God as our father!!! We are no longer a christian country and God will make sure that he doesn't get involved with our mess because we have made it clear that we don't want him. I believe in God and believe this country was built on God's values and I know that my family and I will be with God someday, so I'm happy!!!!
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