Monday, June 22, 2009

Voices For Change: Shaun Morrison

Reform HealthCare

I fully support health care for everyone. I am not sure about the public part. I think that is just a new bureaucracy that we don't need. No one in this country should be allowed to die because they don't have health care.
Rather than a Public about a "take all comers approach".
All employers with more than some number of employees must offer health insurance. All others can go to any health carrier and they must be taken. Those folks coverage would be paid for by public money. Offer a stop loss to the health carriers. The rates they would be allowed to charge companies would be held down because any catastrophic loss would have a stop loss of, say $500,000 and then the government would reimburse the health carrier. This would hold down the costs for businesses, large and small. Preventive medicine would be mandated. Incentives should be offered to people for stop smoking, weight loss, excercise programs etc.
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