Monday, June 22, 2009

Voices For Change: Shelly Kirkpatrick

Reform HealthCare

Dear Mr. President & Vice-President,
I am a proud supporter of Obama-Biden! I was talking to friends, family and co-workers during your campaign and trying to win as many converts as possible. Considering I am a former Republican supporter up until about 3 years ago and my family and friends are very Conservative Republican, it was a very hard task! But I did convince some, I'm proud to say.
My main reason for supporting you, besides the economy, was your views on the War in Iraq, Healthcare, Legalization of Marijuana, and the Environment. I know you have faced some tough opposition about Healthcare Reform but I am begging you to please stay strong and stand firm in your position. You won the election by a landslide for a reason, people were actually excited that someone would finally bring about the change our country has so desparately needed for decades! Don't worry about some ignorant Right-Wingers (I know because I was one of them) threatening to rise up and make sure you leave Office in 2012. If you truly stand by the platform you ran on, the same people who fought so hard for you in 2008 will also fight for you in 2012.
I've watched too many in my family suffer at the hands of the Healthcare Industry. I am struggling myself with the outrageous prices of Healthcare and I'm insured through my job! Insurance Companies are greedy and corrupt, they don't care about their customer's health, only their money!
We are the ONLY country in the Western Hemisphere without Universal Healthcare (even Cuba has it!!) and that is a travesty. We are supposed to be the "Greatest Country on the Planet", yet we don't take care of the least among us. That is completely unacceptable. I have checked into the Healthcare Systems in Canada and European countries, it is NOT like it has been made out to be in the media for decades. It is only propaganda put out by the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies along with assistance from the Politicians in their pockets. We cannot sit back any longer and allow them to keep ripping off the citizens of our nation and then let them die because of "denied coverage"!! We MUST fight the ignorance of others and show them the FACTS of Universal Healthcare.
May I make a suggestion? The nationwide showing of the Michael Moore Documentary, Sicko! It convinced me and my family!!
Thank you for your service and your time! I will give you my vote again and my support in 2012 if you show me that you are not like "the others".

Shelly Kirkpatrick
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