Monday, June 22, 2009

Voices For Change: Sonshire Martinez

Desperated Mother

Hi Mr. President. I know you receive a lot of messages everyday and is most like it that you will not read mine, but I have to try. I'm mother of three kids, divorced, got laid off from my last job, attending school to become a Medical Assistant. My oldest daughter born in Venezuela, in 2001 I filed at the immigration office to bring her to leave with me in the US. I got desperated for the situation with the government of Chavez and her safety, I took my daughter that by the time was 12 years old and braught her here, she passed with me without inspection, I notified to the immigration office about her situation has been changed, after that I just followed all the instruction from the immigration office and make legal my daughter's status, now we just got a letter from immigration telling us that she has to leav the country in 30 days. I'm desperated. She will be in her last year of high school this year, we are good people, she is a good daughter and I'm suffering thinking that she will be far appart from me. I'm afraid for her safety going back to Venezuela. I can appeal, but right now, I don't have the resources to do it. I'm by my own here, my family is in Venezuela, and beacuse the government is hard for them to help me with the money issue. Please, help me to keep my daughter here with me. I'm a US citizen asking you for help.
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