Monday, July 13, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Howard Jay

Name: : Howard Jay
Issue: : Healthcare
Thoughts: : I think it will happen in our time if those silly dim wit Republicans will not sabotage the effort President Obama is making to reform the healthcare system foe all Americans. America prides itself to be the leading civilization but lack far behind in providing healthcare for her citizens.

Most Republicans are affiliated with most private healthcare insurance companies, and they would do anything to protect their interest and therefore fight to prevent Obam\'s healthcare reforms.

They truly make me sick with their unbecoming attitude. 8 years under Bush got us nowhere. It\'s only 4 or 6 months that Obama took office and they are already shouting about the stimulus package not working the miracles themselves fail to perform in 8 years in office.

Have they forgotten their economic management was the biggest shamble in history. Good Republicans should purge the bad ones or let them hang themselves cos they are no good to anyone not even to themselves.
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