Monday, August 3, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Tiffany

Name: : Tiffany
Issue: : Health care
Thoughts: : We all need to have insurance, I can not afford to pay the premiums for myself and my son so we have none,my daughter can not go with out it she has it. But it shouldn\'t be this way I should not have to pick and chose who in my family gets insurance. Stop promising to fix this and please do. Canada has health care, Europe has health care, when will we have it? I know it is all about money, and I work as a coder and biller for docs, so I see first hand the problem. un realistic amounts of money for doctors and there procedure\'s. There has to be a limit set on this, just like we shouldn\'t pay athlet\'s 20 million dollars to play a game. We need to focus on and spend our money on the more important things, like our planet, pollution, global warming, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, fixing our economy and an endless list of other things we should worry about and pour all of our resources into.
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