Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The media

Over the past few months, two things have become clear about the fight for health insurance reform:
    1. Our opponents will create and spread outrageous lies to try to stop President Obama from creating real change.
    2. We just can't count on the media to debunk them.
As President Obama described recently:
If somebody puts out misinformation... then the way the news report comes across is, "Today, such-and-such accused President Obama of putting forward death panels. The White House responded that that wasn't true." And then they go on to the next story. And what they don't say is, "In fact, it isn't true."
So we'll need to double our own efforts to get the truth out. That means more organizers running door-to-door canvases and phone banks to educate our neighbors, more events to spread the word to Congress, and more ads on the air countering the smears. And we'll need the money to pay for it all. Please chip in $5 or more to help make it happen.
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There's no doubt that the facts are on our side. Real reform will bring down costs, create more choices -- including the choice of a public option -- and guarantee access to health care for all of us.

But our opponents' frightening smears can be pretty convincing too -- IF folks don't know that they're false.

Stepping in when the media fails is a daunting challenge -- but this community has already come together and accomplished feats no one thought was possible. We did it for last year's election, and we're already doing it again as Organizing for America. In the three short months since we launched our first organizing drive for health care reform, OFA volunteers have held more than 12,000 events in every part of the country to spread the truth about reform and the need for change.

Together, we can prove that no lie, no matter how scary, is more powerful than an organized group of people determined to get out the truth.

We'll all need to step up -- and right now that means chipping in to make sure we can keep organizing hard to spread the truth and pass real reform in 2009.

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Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America
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