Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On an Indiana Night

Health Insurance Reform Now: On the Ground

So we rolled into Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon, just past the new football stadium. We drew a big crowd just down the road at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis — not as many people as pay to watch Peyton Manning throw a football, but spirits were high and the commitment to reforming our broken health insurance status quo was overwhelming.

On a gorgeous Indiana evening, 800 people came out to hear first hand accounts of how our system hurts everyday Americans — families, small businessmen, and people who never thought they had a reason to fear going without insurance. But Indianans also stood together for the change that needs to happen: guaranteed coverage for all, including the choice of a public option, with consumer protections to ensure that coverage is never taken from the sick or denied to those who need it most.

They heard one other thing: that we have to keep knocking on doors, making phone calls, taking action and letting members of Congress know that we need health insurance reform — now.


U.S. Rep. André Carson was there to hear the message loud and clear, and gave an emphatic speech explaining the importance of people making it known that change needs to happen. He was joined by an array of local leaders and organizers, among them an Indianapolis labor council official who summed up where we stood as August drew to a close: “It’s time. It’s past time.”

Absolutely right.

The local Fox affiliate has a story up about the event. We’re off to Columbus, Ohio, for a Tuesday evening rally at the state fairgrounds. If you live in the area, RSVP now; we’ll see you there.

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