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American Assoc. of Justice Report: 10 Worst Insurance Companies for Consumers

by Val McCall, Face Book Supporter

The American Association for Justice recently released a report entitled, "10 Worst Insurance Companies for Consumers." The report goes beyond health insurance coverage and takes an in depth look at the insurance industry as a whole. The findings show how an industry that no doubt began as a means to provide a service, centering on consumer protection, for a fee in a free market society, has run amok. The focus has drastically shifted from the consumer to profits for the industry -- especially for share holders and CEOs -- at all costs.

At the top of the list is Allstate, whose symbolic logo of a pair of seemingly strong hands, boasts the slogan, "you're in good hands." No doubt, Allstate's symbolism is used to instill a sense of security to its clients and prospective clients. There's a caveat to that slogan, "if you are a shareholder." As noted in this report:
"Allstate-The Worst Insurance Company in America.

One company stood out above all others. Allstate's concerted efforts to put profits over policyholders has earned its place as the worst insurance company in America. According to CEO Thomas Wilson, Allstate's mission is clear: "our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders." Unfortunately, that dedication to shareholders has come at the expense of policy holders. The company that publicly touts its "good hands" approach privately instructs agents to employ a "boxing gloves" strategy against its own policyholders. In the words of former Allstate adjuster Jo Ann Katzman, "We were told to lie by our supervisors--it's tough to look at people and know you are lying."
The insurance industry leads all other industries in profits, taking in over $1 trillion annually, and with assets over $3.8 trillion ("more than the GDPs of all but two countries in the world (United States and Japan)." Their strategy is to simply payout less through delaying and denying claims. The report states further:
"As a senior executive at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the group representing those who are supposed to oversee the industry, said, "the bottom line is that insurance companies make money when they don't pay claims."

One example is Ethel Adams, a 60-year-old woman left in a coma and seriously injured after a multi-vehicle crash in Washington State. Her insurance company, Farmers, decided the other driver had acted intentionally and denied her claim, contending that an intentional act is not an accident.

Another example is Debra Potter, who for years sold Unum's disability policies until she herself became disabled and had to stop working. All along, Potter thought she was helping people protect their future, but when her own time of need came, she was told her multiple sclerosis was "self reported" and her claim denied by Unum, the very company whose policies she had sold.

In cases like these, and countless others, the name of the game is deny, delay, defend -- do anything, in fact, to avoid paying claims. For companies like Allstate, there are corporate training manuals explaining how to avoid payments, portable fridges awarded to adjusters who deny the most claims, and pizza for parties to shred documents."
I'm all for a free market society but not at my expense. When we set out to buy a car, we do all sorts of information gathering and go from dealer to dealer, looking for the best buy. If it is used, we want to see the "car fax." We do the same when we buy a house, or anything else. Our health insurance should be no different. This report clearly shows, without a doubt, we cannot allow these practices to continue.

Regulations are not Enough

None of us want "government running our lives." The thought of a government employee deciding on our health care is just as repugnant as having an insurance company employee making that decision. Right now, the leading decision maker for health care is the insurance industry and not doctors.

We need regulations in place to put an end to the insurance industry's "deny, delay, defend -- do anything, in fact, to avoid paying claims" business practices. But regulations are not enough. People who do not have medical insurance do not see a doctor for medical checkups; they go to the emergency room when something drastic has occurred, often requiring extensive -- and expensive -- medical treatment. By default, those of us with insurance are paying for those of us without insurance, ratcheting up our premiums out of our reach, tossing us into the cycle of unexpected illness/accident, insurance coverage/treatment denial, and bankruptcy. The American Medical Journal released a report, Only in America: Bankruptcies due to Health Care costs stating that 62% of bankruptcies filed in the US in 2008 were from health care costs. Moreover, the majority of those filing had health insurance.

End the Health Insurance Industry Monopoly

We need a strong public option that will allow us to provide ALL American citizens with quality, affordable health care while simultaneously ensuring that the market remains competitive for the benefit of the consumer. A public option will do both.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook Supporter: georgette miller

Name: : georgette miller
Issue: : public option
Thoughts: : i hope we have not given up yet....
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to set the record straight

Mitch Stewart, Director of Organizing for America, just sent out this message

It feels like a new lie about health insurance reform crops up each day. Government taking over all health care? Not true. Euthanasia for seniors? Couldn't be more false. Rationing of care? Reform will stop rationing, not increase it.

These lies create fear and anger, and we're seeing the results around the country. Frightened crowds have flooded town halls, and the office of a Georgia representative was defaced with a swastika.

It's time to set the record straight -- and, more importantly, expose the special interests and partisan attack organizations behind the lies and misinformation.

That's why we created our new "Setting the Record Straight" site. Check out the site today and then spread the word to your friends.

Visit Setting the Record Straight

As the site makes clear, these lies are no accident. They're part of a deliberate plot by the special interests who profit from the status quo to kill any reform at all. While Americans watch their paychecks dwindle, their coverage disappear, and their businesses struggle, special interests are trying to scare folks into opposing reform.

Our "Setting the Record Straight" site has all the info you need to fight back, as well as easy ways to get involved in the fight for health insurance reform. We'll be updating it often with new information debunking health care lies, so stop by regularly.

As we learned during the campaign, lies like these can spread like wildfire through viral emails and from friend to friend. The best way to stop them is to arm yourself with the facts -- and make sure your friends and family know the truth.

Check out the site, and share it with everyone you know:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take Back the Health Insurance Reform Debate

by Supporter Val McCall

Everyday, whether in our email in box, or on television, we are bombarded with negative rhetoric -- some quite offensive -- against health insurance reform. The attacks are relentless. If you have health insurance -- the President's plan is going to reduce your benefits, make you pay for those who do not have insurance, and you will eventually have to go to a public health assistance plan. If you are a small business, the President's plan is going to tax you into non-existence. If you are a veteran, you are going to loose your health care benefits. If you are terminally ill or elderly, the President's plan is going to end your life. And on and on and on.

Moreover, when you attempt to attend a town hall meeting to wade through the rhetoric, it turns into a brawl with folks shouting just for the sake of stopping the meeting. Some folks carrying signs with racial slurs against the President. All this and more to deter us from finding out the truth.

We keep hearing about "President Obama's plan." Let us take the President out of the equation for a moment. Let us take the politics out of the equation for a moment, i.e., this not a Democratic plan or a Republican no-plan, or Libertarian, and so on. Let us peel back the skin of this onion and find out what is inside beneath all of the rhetoric. Let us find the truth, realizing that the truth is neither right or wrong, left or right or somewhere inbetween, it just is.

Follow the Money

Start by asking yourself who stands to gain from the current health insurance system as it is and what do they gain. At the end of the day, health insurance is a business, indeed a vast industry. It is a thriving, profitable business where those at the top, like most businesses, make a fortune. The insurance industry will continue to realize profits from the premiums we pay them that allow them to receive high salaries, stock options, big bonuses, out-of-control marketing/sales/advertising budgets, corporate jets and junkets for the top tier of insurance industry employees, and more. The insurance industry will continue to set policies and practices that benefit the industry and not the patient, such as acne being tagged as a pre-existing condition. The insurance industry, and not doctors, will continue to set insurance coverage caps, have entire departments (not a panel) review each claim and determine who will be treated and who will not, regardless of how much money the insureds have paid over the years for such coverage. The insurance industry will continue to enjoy no oversight or government intervention that could provide checks and balances to protect the patient/insured.

The patient/insured, will continue to pay the premiums on a downward sliding scale, i.e., premiums rise (covering the cost of treatment to the uninsured, all of the above insurance company expenditures and more) and benefits decrease. the patient/insured will continue to be subjected to insurance industry policies that do not benefit the patient/insured and will continue to be denied coverage at the 11th hour, i.e., on their hospital bed or just before major, life-saving treatment that has been deemed to be too expensive by the insurance industry. Small businesses without the ability to pay the rising costs of premiums will continue to rise in number. Mid-size employers (100 employees or more) will continue to pass more and more of the cost of health insurance coverage on to their employees. Large-size businesses will continue to consolidate their business in an effort to reduce health insurance costs, often laying off many employees in the process.

Use it Or Loose It

We have a chance, right now, to change the insurance industry and bring about the kind of reform that will benefit all. We can raise our voices and show our numbers at town hall meetings, house meetings, canvassing, phone banks, write letters to the editor, write blogs, write, call, twitter our Congressional leaders, or we can be silent. If we do not use our voice right now, we will loose it.

We cannot afford to take a wait and see attitude. If we do not understand or are confused by all the negative rhetoric -- come out to the town hall meetings and voice concerns.

Public Option - Speak out Now or Loose It

If we want to make sure that the public option -- and a strong public option -- we have to unite -- many in body / one in mind -- and say so. Here's a list of Connecticut activities to get involved with. If you cannot find an activity suitable, create one of your own.

AARP Health Action Now Community Conversations: Don't let the myths stop reform. Special interest groups are trying to block progress on health care reform using myths and scare tactics. Get the facts at the AARP Health Action Now Conversation.
Seats for 50 - 75 people at each event. Pre-registration is required. Lunch will be served. Register on the AARP Reservation line toll-free at: 877-926-8300 or by email at:

August 19: Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Ave., Portland 12 - 1 Registration and Lunch. 1 - 2:30 Program.
August 28: Enfield Senior Center, 299 Elm St., Enfield 12 - 1 Registration and Lunch. 1 - 2:30 Program.
September 1: New Milford Senior Center, 40 Main St., New Milford 12 - 1 Registration and Lunch. 1 - 2:30 Program.
September 2: North Branch Library Community Center, 3455 Madison Ave., Bridgeport 12 - 1 Registration and Lunch. 1 - 2:30 Program.
September 3: Wallingford Senior Center, 288 Washington St., Wallingford
9:45 - 10 Registration. 10 - 11:30 Program followed by lunch.

Other Events:

Bridgeport: OFC Community Conversation on Health Insurance Reform. August 22nd 11PM-1PM. Contacts: Diane Peterson and Wayne Winston

Hartford: Hartford Health Insurance Reform Canvass 10AM.

Hartford: Bruce Springsteen Concert Canvass 4PM.

New Haven: New Haven Jazz Fest Canvass 5PM.

Groton/New London: HCAN Rally at Norms Diner August 23rd.

Norwalk: Town Hall meeting with Congressman Himes September 2nd.

Hartford: Rally and March 4:30PM.

As for the hate, lies and fear tactics, Stevie Wonder says it all.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Lucy F. Bonilla

Name: : Lucy F. Bonilla
Issue: : Health Care Reform
Thoughts: : Please, do not omit Public Option in the health care Plan. do not bow down to the Republicans. If you odn\'t do this, I will remmber on election day . You promise us. Please keep your promise. Please, Please, don.t let the congress and Senate kill Public Option.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My fellow Americans: we have far to much to accomplish to allow ourselves to become distracted by Republican drivel. Forward!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The real tragedy for the nation is the implosion of the Republican party. Keep on reminding us why we kicked you out of office last year!
The rudeness of the Confederate party at the Town Halls will not be forgotten. For people responsible for the last administration a little humility is in order!
There is a great, silent majority of Americans who won't commit to healthcare reform until there is a specific bill around which they can rally. Everything else is speculation.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing: Truth + Value vs. Lies + Hate

by Face Book Supporter Val McCall

Some folks may remember the incredible duo of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell that for two years (1967-1969) delighted us with their soulful tunes, especially "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

The 1960's are often referred to as radical, tumultuous, chaotic. It was a time of change in all aspects of life, beginning with an inner revolution to remove those things that were holding us back and lacked humanity. We cried out for "the real thing" and there was "no mountain high enough" to keep us from achieving racial and gender equality, freedom of speech and press, the right to assemble, equal pay, the right to equal and quality education (segregated schools continued in parts of the south right up to 1972), preserving our planet, and seek love not war.

We challenged the status quo on every front, especially our youth who dared to be different in every way. It was fashionable to be considered a "non-conformist" by not adhering to conventional ways. Young men refused to go to war, many burning their military draft cards in defiance (remember the draft -- one did not volunteer, one was enlisted and that was that). Young women sought equality in society and in the work place by launching the Women's Liberation Movement. Many burned their bras as in an act of defiance (at least those with a source of income that would allow them to readily replace same).

We sought out leaders current and past whose ideology professed the kind of change that we so hungered for. We reached out to Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Henry David Thoreau. The mantra of the day was civil disobedience, was dare to be different, was be an individual and rekindle your dreams, was be the change you wish to see. It was a revolution, no doubt. And in the midst of it all was some of the greatest music ever that lightened our hearts and kept us moving forward.

We did it all without Twitter, without Face Book. We managed to organize, especially in our churches and places of worship that became the center for hearing the truth, the facts and for encouragement that at the end of the long journey, truth, righteousness and justice will prevail.

We sought truth and humanity. Not lies and hate. We sought civil discourse and debate not angry mobs and violence.

Once again, change is happening and we find ourselves at another crossroad -- universal, quality health care for all with a strong public option (to keep those pesky insurance companies leaning toward the honest side of the aisle) that will go a long way to fixing our economy vs. insurance companies and their lobbyists who want to continue to take our money and yank treatment coverage when we need it because the treatment is too expensive. A vicious cycle and we have the tremendous fortune and opportunity of breaking that cycle and creating something of value for all.

So what should we be doing? Seek the the truth and stop listening to hate mongers and lies. Once we find the truth -- don't covet it, share it with everyone we can. Go to the source and read the facts. Those who tell the lies and spread the fear are counting on the average American to NOT read the facts. They have built an entire platform and strategy based on their belief that for the most part, no one will take the time to go to and select their state and read the facts on how this administration's proposed health care reform will improve conditions in their state and for them.

Who are the "they?" Follow the money. Who is it that are making decisions on our health treatment -- the insurance companies. Who do we pay month after month, historically high premiums only to receive fewer and fewer services. Imagine how many folks pay monthly insurance premiums through a joint payment plan with their employer (or of their own accord) for years and then when we need coverage to pay for life saving treatment, we are more than likely denied. What happened to all that money? Where did it go? Who is benefiting from all those premium payments? We might as well have stowed our premium funds in a mattress and created our own rainy day health care fund. At least we would reap the benefits of same.

Those who spread the lies and hate are counting on us to take them at face value without question. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (most likely generated from those premium payments that far too many of us do not get the benefit of) on research into our fears, our habits, our weaknesses and then they use those to bate us into believing them. We are subjected to all manner of tricks of the trade, i.e., race, Hitler, fear of the unknown; they have more money and power than we do so they must be right; they mailed out a glossy, colorful postcard; they are dressed up in a business suit (like a used car salesman) or profess to be a religious person and a true family person, or just an average person like you and me (but with paid actors), or a true American (even though this country was founded by people from everywhere else and is considered a melting pot of cultures); or they look like those who have been in power for centuries, i.e., they are not a "minority" but a "majority," therefore, they must be right because they are ...

It's time to peel the onion. It is time to remove all items from the table except the facts. Here are the facts about national health insurance reform and how it will benefit Connecticut citizens:
Stable and Secure Health Care for Connecticut
How Health Insurance Reform will Benefit Connecticut


* Ending the Hidden Tax – Saving You Money: Right now, providers in Connecticut lose over $383 million in bad debt which often gets passed along to families in the form of a hidden premium “tax”.1 Health insurance reform will tackle this financial burden by improving our health care system and covering the uninsured, allowing the 34 hospitals2 and the 15,257 physicians3 in Connecticut to better care for their patients.

* Health Insurance Premium Relief: Premiums for residents of Connecticut have risen 98% since 2000.4 Through health insurance reform, 274,200 to 332,600 middle class Connecticut residents will be eligible for premium credits to ease the burden of these high costs.5

* Strengthening Small Businesses: 56,659 employers in Connecticut are small businesses.6 With tax credits and a health insurance exchange where they can shop for health plans, insurance coverage will become more affordable for them.

* Reforms that Reduce Your Costs: Under health insurance reform, insurance companies will be prevented from placing annual or lifetime caps on the coverage you receive. Insurance companies will also have to abide by yearly limits on how much they can charge for out-of-pocket expenses, helping 36,400 households in Connecticut struggling under the burden of high health care expenses.7
Click Here to continue getting the facts, state by state.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sotomayor confirmed for Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court.

Sotomayor was confirmed in 68-31 vote. Nine Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting her nomination.

The 55-year-old federal appeals court judge will be the 111th person to sit on the high court, and the third woman justice.

Posted by JJ.
Congratulations, Madam Justice Sotomayor. May God continue to bless you with the blessings of fairness and wisdom.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reflecting on the Release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling

We were all relieved to learn yesterday that American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, detained in North Korea since March, would be released. They arrived safely back in the United States this morning, and were reunited with their families. The President called the families yesterday when he learned that the journalists were on the plane home, and described the reunion as "a source of happiness not only for the families but for the entire country."

The President reflected on the release in a statement this morning, and he thanked President Clinton and Vice President Gore for their efforts which led to the safe homecoming:

I want to thank President Bill Clinton -- I had a chance to talk to him -- for the extraordinary humanitarian effort that resulted in the release of the two journalists. I want to thank Vice President Al Gore who worked tirelessly in order to achieve a positive outcome.

I think that not only is this White House obviously extraordinarily happy, but all Americans should be grateful to both former President Clinton and Vice President Gore for their extraordinary work. And my hope is, is that the families that have been reunited can enjoy the next several days and weeks, understanding that because of the efforts of President Clinton and Gore, they are able to be with each other once again.

So we are very pleased with the outcome, and I'm hopeful that the families are going to be able to get some good time together in the next few days.

President Barack Obama makes a statement about the two journalists released from North Korea
President Barack Obama makes a statement about the two journalists released from North Korea before
boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Recovery in Action: Creating Jobs and Assisting States

The jobs created by the Recovery Act have received a lot of attention, and rightfully so: similar to previous weeks, thousands of Americans found employment this week thanks to the Recovery Act, in fields ranging from computer technology to weatherization.

But the Recovery Act isn’t solely focused on creating jobs—it is also providing timely assistance to state and local governments. As outlined in the stories below, funding provided by Recovery Act was crucial to off-setting revenue decreases caused by the economic downturn, enabling state and local governments to keep vital programs running and prevent layoffs:
Arizona, Arizona Republic, 8-4-09:
Arizona State University, the University of Arizona And Northern Arizona University Benefited From ARRA Revenue That Will "Save Hundreds Of Jobs." "Arizona's three state universities will start receiving $154 million in federal stimulus funds next week. The money won't make up for all the cuts in their state funding, but university officials say the infusion will help save hundreds of jobs. Arizona State, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University have struggled amid record cuts in state funding. The national recession has caused state tax revenues to drop sharply and has led to widespread funding cuts to state agencies and schools. The universities saw a 20 percent, or $190 million, reduction in state funding for the 2008-09 school year. All three universities laid off employees during the past school year, eliminated academic programs with low enrollments and boosted some class sizes. While the $154 million in federal stimulus will backfill some of the loss in state funding, the $190 million is a permanent reduction to the university system's budget, so the federal money won't entirely cover the deficit in coming years. Even so, university officials are eager to get the money. NAU President John Haeger said in a statement that the stimulus means, ‘we will not have to endure more draconian cuts to our workforce or reduced programs and services for students.’ He estimates NAU's $23 million share of federal money will save more than 300 jobs and will limit employee furlough days to no more than three."
Kansas, Governor Mark Parkinson, 8/2/09:
Governor Parkinson Dubbed ARRA "Essential To [Kansas]" With Respect To Salvaging State Programs And Addressing Economic Burdens On Citizens. "To spur job creation and ease the pressure on the housing market, Governor Parkinson joined Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin in announcing the implementation of programs through the Department of the Treasury that will provide billions of dollars in recovery funds throughout the country and in Kansas. ‘The Recovery Act has been essential to our state, not only in terms of balancing the budget without demolishing essential state programs, but it's also been important to Kansans who are struggling to get through this national recession,’ Parkinson said. ‘Osawatomie is a great example of how the Recovery Act is making a difference - in this case, by creating and protecting jobs in construction, and providing affordable housing for our senior citizens. Projects, like Woodland Hills, will help communities across Kansas and the country get back on the road to recovery.’"
National, USA Today, 8/3/09:
Huge Influx Of Federal Stimulus Money To State And Local Governments More Than Offset A Sharp Drop In Tax Collections, Helping To Put The Brakes On The Nation’s Economic Decline. "A huge influx of federal stimulus money to state and local governments more than offset a sharp drop in tax collections, helping to put the brakes on the nation's economic decline, new government data show. The stimulus funds helped reverse six months of spending declines, pushing state and local government expenditures up 4.8% in the second quarter, reports the Bureau of Economic Analysis. ‘The money has caused a very sharp change in the path of the economy, which had been in steep decline,’ said Chad Stone, chief economist at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, D.C. Federal cash is now the No. 1 revenue source for state and local governments, surpassing sales and property taxes, the government data show. The flood of federal money lifted total revenues by 7.5%, overcoming an 8% drop in tax collections.
Oregon, Statesman Journal, 8-2-09:
Governor Ted Kulongoski: Recovery Act Money And Resultant Projects Dramatically Aided Many Facets Of Oregon Affected By Downturn, From K-12 To Transportation. "In February, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to inject billions of dollars into local economies across the country immediately, and to invest billions more over the next two years as part of a sustained economic recovery strategy. In Oregon, where our unemployment rate ranks among the nation's highest, and our state revenues declined by more than $4 billion in a matter of months, the Recovery Act dollars could not have come at a more critical time. As a result of Recovery Act funding for education, human services and public safety, the state was able to preserve many of these critical services that would otherwise have been cut deeper or eliminated altogether. For example, the Recovery Act provided critical funding for K-12 education during the next two school years. Without that assistance, we would have faced a potential cut of 20 days from the school year, which is not only harmful to our children, but would also mean 20 lost days of work for teachers in Oregon's 198 school districts. The Recovery Act also immediately allocated millions to Oregon for transportation, and we were the first state to have projects identified and contracts awarded, creating jobs immediately and making much-needed improvements to our transportation infrastructure. The state has awarded Recovery Act grants for upgrading drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities around the state, and contracts are starting to be signed for weatherizing the homes of low-income Oregonians — all investments that will sustain and create jobs while also improving our quality of life. And I expect the first wave of energy grants to be announced any day to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across the state."
Texas, El Paso Times, 8/2/09:
More Than 2,800 Young People In El Paso Gained Summer Employment Through ARRA Awards To Local Employment And Educational Institutions. "Part of the stimulus package passed by Congress in February is providing summer jobs for more than 2,800 El Paso youths and valuable training that could lead the participants to worthwhile careers, organizers say. The programs, being conducted at El Paso Community College, the University of Texas at El Paso and La Fe, are part of Workforce Solutions Upper Rio Grande's summer youth program, an annual effort. But more than $1.1 million in stimulus money has allowed the agency to expand the scope of the summer jobs program. The areas of study include computers, engineering and health sciences. Participants in the summer jobs program ranged in age from 14 to 24. More than 2,800 youth were certified in the Summer Youth Program in the six-county region served by Upper Rio Grande. Upper Rio Grande pays the students and pays for equipment, which the schools provide the instruction. Thursday, more than 20 students, ages 14 to 17, were installing new software on computers they had built themselves at El Paso Community College Valle Verde Campus. A total of 44 students selected by Upper Rio Grande are learning computer skills in an eight-week program, which instructors said will give them the knowledge and skills to take the A-plus certification examination for entry-level computer technicians."
Washington, Seattle Times, 8-2-09:
Approximately 7,000 Washington Homes Will Be Weatherized Using ARRA Funds. "Five months after congressional approval, about $23 million in federal weatherization money is finally flowing across the state, putting theoretical plans for economic stimulus into elbow-grease practice. The goal is multipronged: Make low-income homes more energy-efficient, provide and retain ‘green’ jobs and help resuscitate a gasping economy. When the second wave of federal money arrives next year, almost $60 million in weatherization money will have been spread around Washington. State weatherization director Steve Payne expects about 7,000 dwellings will be updated. Two weeks ago, the state Commerce Department, where he works as managing director of Housing Improvements and Preservation, began authorizing 26 housing agencies around the state to manage local work. Seattle's weatherization program, called HomeWise and operated by the city Office of Housing, is receiving about $2.4 million in stimulus money this year. That extra money about doubles what the agency usually spends on weatherization annually. The HomeWise staff estimates the new money will help make an additional 1,000 homes more energy-efficient. The King County Housing Authority will receive about $2.6 million in stimulus money for weatherization this year, while Snohomish County will get $1.4 million."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Facebook Supporter: Tiffany

Name: : Tiffany
Issue: : Health care
Thoughts: : We all need to have insurance, I can not afford to pay the premiums for myself and my son so we have none,my daughter can not go with out it she has it. But it shouldn\'t be this way I should not have to pick and chose who in my family gets insurance. Stop promising to fix this and please do. Canada has health care, Europe has health care, when will we have it? I know it is all about money, and I work as a coder and biller for docs, so I see first hand the problem. un realistic amounts of money for doctors and there procedure\'s. There has to be a limit set on this, just like we shouldn\'t pay athlet\'s 20 million dollars to play a game. We need to focus on and spend our money on the more important things, like our planet, pollution, global warming, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, fixing our economy and an endless list of other things we should worry about and pour all of our resources into.
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