Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today the lame-duck Democratic Congress refused to extend Unemployment benefits for over 2 million Americans whose benefits will expire this holiday season. We knew how selfish and callous the Republicans are, but to lose this vote in a Democratic House is the last straw!

I am herewith calling for the creation of a new political movement: the 99ers. We are the unemployed who have been abandoned by both parties. We should stipulate to one condition: we will vote out of office anyone of any party who will not support an amendment to the constitution requiring all congressional pay raises to be approved by a referendum of the American people. If they won't do the people's business the people won't pay their salaries. Let them make the case for their pay raises before the same people to whom they deny basic humanity. If I'm going to be a slave I'm going to be Spartacus.

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