Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gibbs: Now Republicans Too Responsible For Their Actions

ON CNN's State of the Union With Candy Crowly, President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the Republican Party now has more responsibility to govern.

"The president did not want to see tax-cuts extended for the billionaires and millionaires. We didn't have the votes for our position to prevail. We are going to have some very tough issues coming into the next congress, and over the next couple of years. I think couple of think can help, what has happened in the last few weeks bleed over into next year. You heard that the President said this at his year end news conference: there was a responsibility of government that I think the Republicans got in the November elections and they began to understand that responsibility a little bit more in this lame duck session than they had in the previous, quite frankly, 18 months or so."

"They cannot afford to simply just there and said NO! We are certainly hopeful that the Republicans come into next year with a willingness to sit down at that table and begin having a discussion about how we're going to make progress, Sometimes the first step is the biggest one."

Gibbs also said he doesn't expect major changes in President Obama's Cabinet and would be surprised if the president decided not to run for reelection. Now that's good news. There's a reason as to naming this blog Barack Obama for President 2012
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