Thursday, December 9, 2010

Obama Defends Republicans

President Barack Obama is officially a republican now. He made a deal with republicans on extending Bush taxcuts for the rich. He now has to defend his position now, to get it passed in the house and the senate, and also in two years when he's running for re-election. It'll be interesting to see how people react to the presidents position on taxes - a man who bringing change, but followed bush tax policies for his first term.

The whole White House is out-of-touch on taxes. Larry Summers, President Obama's economic adviser came out and said if Democrats don't vote for this bill, it would create a financial mess!!!. He said "if they, the Democracts, don't pass this bill in the next couple of weeks, it will materially increase the rick of that the ecomony would stall-out, and we would have a double dip". So he's portraying the Democrats as ones who are holding middle class taxes hostage. Whoa! Senior White House adviser David Axelrod had the same to thing say, when he was on NBC Today's Show. If Democrats don't vote for tax cuts for rich, "it would be borderline immoral", said David Axelrod. This might be the biggest flip-flop in the history of American Politics.

The republican's could not have dreamed of a better president than Obama. Not only they everything, in return Republicans give nothing. Take health-care bill for instance. Republican's said it was socialism, so to sweeten the deal Obama cutout the public option. In return Republicans gave Obama a big glass of fu juice. They have a democratic president making the case for the Republicans. It's disaster on top of a disaster. Carl Rove jumped on this said, "the fact that these have been identified as the right policies by the administration ... is a recognition of how sound these policies are." Ironically, still republicans call Obama a socialist. That's unbelievable. If Ronald Reagan were to live toady, he would definitely endorse Obama's presidency!!! Bill O'Reilly also weighing in on this. Well I'm not going to write what he said because you can guess.

Share your thoughts on Obama-Bush Tax Policy. Yeah that's right - "Obama-Bush" - will see it in 2012!
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