Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Republicans Contradict Their Own Principles

Republicans, incoming and already in house and senate, are promising to end bankruptcy of government. Senator John Cornyn of Texas said, "we have a certain philosophical principles that we believe in, and we think that those principles are superior to those our friends across the isle." So what is their core, number 1 principle? Deal with the Bush era tax cuts first, or nothing else will get passed! All 42 republican senators signed a letter to majority leader Harry Reid saying this. But day before yesterday, senate rejected to open debate for Don't Ask Don't Tell. Senate also failed to provide health benefits to 9/11 responders. No republican senator even brought-up the topic for debate. Wyoming senator Mike Enzi explained in a Sunday op-ed that his real concern was "proper oversight of money already spent on 9/11 workers." But in May of 2008, he voted for carelessly written to bill to fund troops in Iraq. Actually, people who were fighting in Iraq were 9/11 responders, may be not the first, but second or the third.
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