Friday, December 10, 2010

Tradeoffs in Tax Deal

In extending Bush Tax Cuts, Obama gave the Republicans all they wanted. But in return, Republicans gave Obama almost nothing. Surely, Obama managed to get a 13-month extension on employments benefits. However, Ronald Reagan, the Republican Icon, extended unemployment benefits for 20 months back in the 80s. Ironically, Obama is heavily bragging about this, like it suppose to impress some one. Given the fact that now Republicans argue against unemployment benefits,saying it's welfare, doesn't that make Reagan look more progressive than President Obama?

Furthermore, many expected that president would get Start-Treaty in return. BUT NO!!! Unbelievable. Right after the midterm elections, Republicans said they would vote NO on anything unless the taxes were resolved. Now having resolved taxes, the way they wanted, you might think they'd be willing to negotiate with the president on his other priorities. As always, republicans did what they always do best: make a fool out of the president. Republicans are stilling holding hostage. Their excuse for this is that they have to work on other budget stuff and other state affairs; so if there's time left in the lame-duck session after they passed a budget or they don't, then they might get a vote on it, but the likelihood is that, there won't be anything time to work on start-treaty this year!

It's painful to watch Obama bragging about what he accomplished in this deal. Fact of the matter is he accomplished almost NOTHING.
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