Friday, December 10, 2010

Unemployment Hits 9.8%, But There Is Some Good News

This week unemployment rates hits 9.8%. But there is some good news: the top 2% of wage earners, like Sarah Palin, are going to get their bush tax cuts extended. They cannot wait for the tax rates to stay exactly the same, so that they create all those new jobs.

The rick folks wouldn't have their tax cut if the president Obama wasn't willing to fight all the Democrats who want him to fight the republicans.

Political pundits came forward on cable news and said, "[Obama] does this all the time" - Paul Begala. And worst of all the president talk himself to get into extended warranty. And this ongoing willingness to bend republican demands

I thought I would never this, but I'm really starting to worry about Barack Obama. When he came to Washington, Obama has one thing, and only one thing on his mind - winning over the GOP! Over and over, he has tired hooking up with them.

For instance, look at the stimulus plan. Republicans immediately gave him the cold shoulder. So he sweeten the deal with 250 billion dollars in tax cuts. In return, Republicans gave him nothing. But did that stop the president from reach across the isle? NO. When health care was being crafted, the republicans said forget it. So again to sweeten the deal, Obama dropped the public option.In return republicans gave Obama nothing.

And now we've come to extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. But as before, the president is open to compromise. But the problem is republicans aren't going compromise. Mr. President face the facts: Republicans aren't that into you. In face, senate minority lean Mitch McConnell said their top priority is to deny Obama a second term.

So what Obama should is to give more and more what republicans want - privatize social security, increase defense budget etc etc. Then they might love you.
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