Sunday, February 28, 2010

Obama owes Harper beer - Toronto Sun

OTTAWA - For Prime Minister Stephen Harper, there was more riding on Sunday's hockey game than just national pride in his favourite sport.

There was also a case of Molson Canadian.

Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama each wagered a case of beer on the outcome of the Olympic men's hockey final. Now that Canada has won, Obama owes Harper a case of Canadian. If the U.S. had won, Harper would have owed Obama a case of Yuengling beer.

Harper congratulated the Canadian men’s team in the locker room after the game, his press secretary Dimitri Soudas said in an email.

“We’re really proud of you all. You’ve done a great job on behalf of the country, not just this gold, which we all wanted so bad, but 14 gold, an Olympic record for any country in the Winter Olympics. Congratulations,” Harper told the team.

Both leaders chose symbolic brews. Molson is North America's oldest brewery, founded in 1786 by John Molson. Molson Canadian is also an official supplier to the Vancouver Olympics and is known for its TV ads that play up

nationalism over Canadian favourites like hockey, winter, and summers at the cottage. The company merged with U.S.-owned Coors in 2005.

Yuengling is the oldest brewery in the U.S. and was founded in Pennsylvania in 1829.

Soudas made his own bet with his U.S. counterpart, Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs. The two had initially bet on the women's final when Canada beat the U.S. 2-0. Gibbs was to wear a Canadian hockey jersey for the first 15 minutes of a media briefing, but Soudas and Gibbs decided to go another round over the men's gold medal game. The men's team win confirms Gibbs will have to don the red and white sweater.

“Well. I've always thought that the colours of red, white and....That's it. Just red and white bring out the colour of Robert's eyes,” Soudas said in the e-mail.

“I'll be sending Robert a Team Canada jersey to remember and cherish for the rest of his life the closest friendship between any two countries in the world.”

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Highlights: “If you think it’s a socialist plot, give up your federal health care”

Senator Dick Durbin asks Republicans who oppose health reform to give up the health plans they and their families receive from the federal government as members of Congress:

"The federal employees health benefit program that we enjoy as individuals and want for our families is all we are asking for in this bill for families across America. If you think it is a socialist plot and it's wrong, for goodness sakes, drop out of the federal employees health benefit program. But if you think it is good enough for your family, shouldn't our health insurance be good enough for the rest of America?"

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekly Address: Premiums, Profits, and the Need for Health Reform

The President points to outrageous premium hikes from health insurance companies, especially those already making massive profits, as further proof of the need for reform. Looking ahead to the coming bipartisan meeting on reform, the President urges members of Congress to come to the table in good faith to address the issue.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Video: What the Recovery Act did

Just over a year ago, thanks in part to your organizing, President Obama was able to sign the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law.

The Recovery Act wasn't a silver bullet, but it's very good policy. It cut taxes for 95% of working families to give them a leg up as they fight to get by. It invested in our nation's infrastructure and clean energy. it gave tax breaks to small businesses to help hire workers, and it helped out state and local governments -- including local police departments like the one in Englewood, Colorado, which was able to hire officers like Eddie B., whose story is below.

We've got a lot more work to do. But as many as 2.4 million Americans are working now who would otherwise be unemployed, and we're breaking the back of the recession.

We put together a video explaining where we were just one year ago, and what the Recovery Act has done for our country. Watch it here.

Road to Recovery: Watch the video

In the three months prior to the Act, the nation lost 2.2 million jobs. The financial system was collapsing, and the "Great Recession" was being recognized for what it was -- the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

But since the Act's passage, Americans of all stripes have been able to get back to work. One example of what the Recovery Act made possible is the story of Eddie B., from Englewood, Colorado.

He graduated from police academy in 2009. Without the Recovery Act, he and his classmates would have had to wait for two years before being hired into the police department -- but stimulus funds led to him being hired immediately. In Eddie's words, "the President, with the Recovery Act, gave me the opportunity to serve my community and help the people I live with."

The success of the Recovery Act is composed of millions of stories like Eddie's -- of folks getting to work who wouldn't otherwise be in their jobs, families able to buy their first home because of the homeowner's tax credit, and much more.

Please check out the video we put together, and pass it along to 5 friends:

You fight, we'll fight

Organizing for America
As we head into an election year, the new strategy for killing reform is claiming that members of Congress who vote for it will suffer at the polls.

For months, our opponents have spread lies about reform to scare voters away. But the simple truth about what reform would actually do -- save jobs, guarantee all Americans affordable, stable coverage, and significantly reduce the deficit -- is something most Americans strongly support.

The question is, come November, will the voters know the facts?

OFA supporters have asked for a way to show every member of Congress that if they fight for reform now, we'll back them up this election season.

That's why we're launching "You fight, we'll fight" -- a volunteer pledge bank where you can commit your time to back up candidates and officials who fight hard for health reform.

We're shooting for 1,000,000 hours pledged to spread the word to fellow voters. And if we get there, we'll publish the total hours pledged in USA Today, so there will be no doubt that health reform is both good policy and good politics.

Can you pledge right away?

Pledge to volunteer

President Obama has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of walking away from health reform -- and this movement has made its desire to fight on just as clear.

And many members of Congress are already working hard by his side to get the job done. But for those on the fence about whether or not to proceed, knowing you are there to back up a courageous stand can make all the difference.

Your volunteer hours can have a huge impact no matter where you live. You can make calls into critical districts where health reform champions are in jeopardy, write letters to the editor, volunteer for nearby campaigns, or even just talk to friends, family, and neighbors to help cut through the special interest spin.

We'll offer lots of ways to get involved between now and the elections in November, and you can decide which are right for you -- the important thing right now is to publicly show your commitment to fight for those who make health reform a reality.

Please help us hit our ambitious goal of one million volunteer hours pledged:

We've certainly faced setbacks in this fight. But as President Obama told OFA supporters last week, that only means we need to work that much harder.

Thanks for making it possible,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: We're on the road to recovery

Organizing for America
Wondering what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- President Obama's stimulus bill -- has accomplished? Look at this:

Learn more about the stimulus and the road to recovery

One year ago tomorrow, after tens of thousands of you shared stories and called your representatives, the President signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

And while this anniversary isn't a cause for celebration, there is reason to be optimistic. This chart makes it clear: We're on the road to recovery.

Still, we know there is a long way to go. Many Americans are still struggling, and creating jobs remains President Obama's top priority.

Click here to learn more about the President's record on the economy, what we're doing to put more Americans back to work, and get easy-to-share information you can pass on to friends and family:

Thanks for making change happen,

David Plouffe

Friday, February 12, 2010

Over 3 Million and Counting...

Just 24 hours Organizing for America announced the "You fight, we'll fight" campaign, OFA supporters have already committed more than 3 million hours of their time to help candidates who fight for health reform -- and that number is continuing to grow. In fact, OFA supporters smashed through the initial goal of 1,000,000 hours pledged within hours of the announcement. Today those commitments are continuing to roll in.

This display of enthusiasm shows just how determined OFA supporters are about passing meaningful health insurance reform -- and that they're willing to fight for Congressional leaders and candidates who stand up for reform.

It's an amazing show of support, from some of the best and most valuable grassroots organizers in politics.
Click here to join in and pledge your hours now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beyonce For Obama.

Beyonce in Obama T-Shirt, with husband Jay-Z.
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