Thursday, June 17, 2010

Onto the Streets—and the Web—to Get Voters to the Polls in 2010

In 2008, the innovative use of new media and technology was a key part of the grassroots movement that helped send President Obama to the White House. Today the Democratic Party and Organizing for America are continuing to build on that momentum by launching—a comprehensive information and registration site that makes it simple for new voters to register to vote, and provides all voters with the info they need to make their voice heard this November.

Raise Your Vote is a one-stop hub where supporters across the country can register and find out local deadlines and state-specific information. It's a great example of using technology to solve a problem that's confronted voters and campaigns for far too long. To cut through the difficult legal language and confusing information voters often find online, Raise Your Vote presents everything in a clear and straightforward way, all in one place. The site provides you with personalized information to help guide you through every step of the process—from registration to what to bring on Election Day.

To help spread the word further, we'll be incorporating targeted online advertising to reach some of 2008's first-time voters we're working to bring back to the polls this year. And Raise Your Vote is designed to be incorporated into other websites as well.

As we saw from the Obama campaign, new media and technology only work when they're tied directly to strong offline, on-the-ground organizing efforts. Raise Your Vote goes hand-in-hand with Vote 2010's unprecedented effort register new voters and bring first-time 2008 voters to the polls this year. With successful Vote 2010 Kick-off events around the country earlier this month, we're off to a strong start. Next up is a national day of action on July 17th, when supporters around the country will register new voters in their communities.

With, the Democratic Party and Organizing for America are continuing to combine cutting-edge technology with grassroots organizing—a strength that will help us build momentum in 2010 and beyond.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Questions on the Oil Spill? Ask Gibbs.

Robert Gibbs, President Obama's Press Secretary, can usually be seen taking questions from reporters and journalists at White House press briefings.
Tonight, after the President's 8:00 p.m. ET address on the BP oil spill, Gibbs will answer questions live from folks across the country who want to know more about the current situation in the Gulf and the plan going forward.

You can submit a question or vote on others' questions here—and Gibbs will answer some of the most popular submissions. You'll be able to watch the live Q&A here at or on following the President's address.

Get started now at

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Only 3 Days 'Til This Weekend's 2010 Kick-off

In just three days, thousands of Organizing for America supporters will hit the doors and the phones, asking those who voted for the first time in 2008 to make their voices heard again this year. While November might seem far away, starting now will help us get the 15 million first time 2008 voters back to the polls and continue our momentum for change in 2010.
Find a canvass or phone bank near you here.
There are many reasons to join in this weekend. Maybe you want to fight for your local representative who stood up for health care reform in the face of enormous pressure to vote 'no.' Maybe you want to help President Obama keep turning our economy around and provide jobs for your community. Or maybe you want to reconnect with folks from the 2008 campaign, getting out to walk your neighborhood and talk with voters face-to-face again.
Here are a few updates from OFA volunteers around the country as they get ready for this weekend's events:
Chrisi W., Alexandria, Virginia:
Two local teams joined together around a dinner table in Vienna; a unique mixture of veteran campaign workers, current volunteers, and regular folks curious about OFA’s mission. The varied backgrounds and personal stories of everyone at the table showed the continued energy and broad support for President Obama’s efforts. Our meeting reminded us that OFA can help make the difference on whether or not our country will continue to benefit from the bold leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House, or whether we could have a Speaker John Boehner steering our country backward. To protect the movement we started in 2008 and to continue to achieve the change we fought for, we need everyone who voted for President Obama in 2008 to make their voices heard again and vote in November.
Dallas T., Albuquerque, New Mexico:
With a turnout of dedicated volunteers, my June 5 canvass pre-planning meeting opened my eyes. Through my own personal experience I realized why I chose to be a community organizer for OFA.  My son is a first-time 2008 voter who was registered in 2006.  His story is similar to so many others who lacked the knowledge to vote in 2006 but was eager to vote for Obama in  '08. We had great participation from the supporters there as we brainstormed themes for the flyer that we will be using. We came up with the idea to have some volunteers drive the areas of town that we are unfamiliar with to ensure that we don't send canvassers to an un-walkable area. It was a productive meeting, and I feel prepared for June 5.  Now, to get the flyer done.
New York:
Led by Amy and Janice, the Downtown East Neighborhood Team met to brainstorm ideas on how to best reengage 2008 first-time voters this November. Janice said she's excited about the people she knows "who haven’t been involved since the campaign but are coming out and getting reengaged." Amy is looking forward to "getting back out and reconnecting with all the amazing people" she met in 2008. The event will be centered on voter registration--engaging new voters as well as voters who are not yet registered to vote in the Empire State.  Volunteers will phone banks, recruit volunteers, and ask registered voters to sign cards pledging to vote in November.
Find an event near you and sign up today.
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