Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Future is Not a Gift. It is an Achievement.

In the opening words of his second State of the Union address, President Obama spoke about the challenges we face as a nation and how we can overcome them together to win the future. He spoke of the need to reward industries that grow and "take root" on our shores, and the need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.
"At stake right now is not who wins the next election—after all, we just had an election. At stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country, or somewhere else. It's whether the hard work and industry of our people is rewarded. It's whether we sustain the leadership that has made America not just a place on a map, but a light to the world.

We are poised for progress. Two years after the worst recession most of us have ever known, the stock market has come roaring back. Corporate profits are up. The economy is growing again.

But we have never measured progress by these yardsticks alone. We measure progress by the success of our people. By the jobs they can find and the quality of life those jobs offer. By the prospects of a small business owner who dreams of turning a good idea into a thriving enterprise. By the opportunities for a better life that we pass on to our children.

That's the project the American people want us to work on. Together."
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