Monday, January 24, 2011

President Obama Losing Support On Social Security

President Obama has lost massive democratic support on Social Security, according to a number of recent polls progressive polls ( they are, of course, democratic but the poll numbers are facts ). But, besides that, all the polls across the country show that cutting social security benefits is disaster, and that it's not part of the solution. Roughly 85% of the country believe nobody should touch social security under any circumstance. 85% is an all-time high number. That's obvious; people put paid into it, and they want it back when they need it, as promised by the government!

However, the deficit commission put together by Obama said cut social security, in order to reduce increasing national debt. As a result, Democrats and President Obama poll numbers on Social Security plummeted. For the time, since the birth of  Social Security, Democrats, including Obama, are on the loosing end of Social Security. In other words, Americans now trust the Republicans on Social Security. That is a disaster for Obama because Americans firmly trusted Democrats on this forever, well at-least until now. This is one of the few issues Democrats do well on.

This also a disaster for the country as a whole. Who thinks Republicans, as the recent polls indicated, care about your Social Security? They can't wait to cut it. This is one of the few things George W. Bush failed to pass through the congress. Even before that, Republicans have been trying to privatize Social Security since the mid 1930s, so that Wall Street would benefit from it. They want to balance the budget off middle-class' back while protecting the rich.

If you don't trust either party on this issue, that makes sense. But be absolutely clear: the Republicans have no interest in protecting your Social Security. DON'T TRUST REPUBLICANS!!!
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