Friday, January 21, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Imitates Chinese Accent

Hu Jintao is in town, the leader of china. He participated in a state dinner. President Obama and he made a huge trade agreement with him. But as always, Rush Limbaugh has a very "different" opinion on the whole scenario. And that was the fact that the Chinese leader had an accent, and that he spoke in a different language. So, in his radio program, Rush decided to mock him.
"Hu Jintao was speaking, and they were translating. They normally translate a couple of word, but _ was going jiha tha ji go thag thi ( continued for 30 seconds ). Nobody was translating."
This sounds very strange to everybody. He imitates Chinese accent like a child. But his ill-headed republican listeners must have undoubtedly enjoyed it! Rush didn't stop there; he continued to mocked the Chinese translator as well.
Last night, Stephen Colbert helped his viewers understand just what Rush Limbaugh was saying when Limbaugh imitated the Chinese president's language with a string of sounds that might have featured in a movie or radio show from the first half of the last century.

"My favorite doughnut is every doughnut," Colbert's translation read. "When I stand up, my chair smells like a cat shelter."

From: TPM LiveWire - Colbert Calls Out Limbaugh For His Chinese Impression
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