Sunday, February 27, 2011

WTF Moment of the Week: Rep. Paul Broun Ignored a Threat On Obama

Paul Broun. If you see this guy around,
run for your life! He's dangerous!!!
After the tragedy in Arizona, you might think that people, especially lawmakers, are a mature-enough to forcefully condemn any threats against other government officials, or anybody for that matter.

Well, that's the not the case with Georgia Republican Congressman Paul Broun. Obviously he's one of the Sarah Palin type of figure - who would willingly spread hatred, and lies about Democrats. When he was at a town hall meeting, he was asked by a person in the audience asked who would shoot President Obama! The response from Broun: a good minute of laugh, which even more amusing that than the question.

"After the event, my office took action with the appropriate authorities. I deeply regret that this incident happened at all. Furthermore, I condemn all statements -- made in sincerity or jest -- that threaten or suggest the use of violence against the president of the United States or any other public official. Such rhetoric cannot and will not be tolerated." - Georgia Republican Congressman Paul Broun on anti-Obama threat at a town hall meeting
Notice that he wrote "cannot and will not be tolerated" in his statement. But the fact of the matter is he did exactly the opposite of that! This is another one those self-contradicting statements from Republicans we've seen over the years.

Please vote Paul Broun out of office!
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