Monday, March 7, 2011

4,000 jobs lost across West Virgina

OFA sent out the following letter to supporters. If you are from West Virginia ( or anywhere else for that matter ), PLEASE READ THIS:
Over the next 11 days, the President will ask Republicans to make a choice:

Set aside party politics -- or risk 4,000 West Virgina jobs.

Because if a budget agreement isn't reached by next Friday, the government will shut down -- and the President has made clear that the current plan as proposed by congressional Republicans is not acceptable.

The final budget cannot be dictated solely by one party or a narrow set of interests -- it will affect every American.

That's why true leadership means making tough choices and putting people before party or ideology.

And that's the kind of leadership we need over the next 11 days.

The President is calling on both sides to come together, but it's up to us to show Republicans in Congress that we have his back. As negotiations heat up, we all need to speak out to make sure they get the message.

Stand with the President by signing your name today -- and OFA volunteers will deliver your signatures to House Republicans and make sure your voice is not ignored.

Congressional Republicans have less than two weeks to come to the table and help craft a responsible funding plan that won't derail economic growth.

President Obama has laid out a plan that reduces the deficit by a trillion dollars. He's committed to finding common ground to cut wasteful spending, but he won't go along with a plan that eliminates nearly a million jobs, guts investments in education and innovation, and ends protections that keep our food safe and air and water clean.

We simply cannot afford any proposal that weakens our country or sets us back.

The Republican budget:

     -- Prevents the government from implementing health reform, rolling back critical patient protections and cost savings, and returning control of your health care to insurance companies;

     -- Slashes funding for preventive health services that millions of American women depend on through Planned Parenthood -- and eliminates 3,000 community health center jobs across West Virgina;

     -- Guts investments in education and infrastructure that will grow the economy and create jobs;

     -- Cuts West Virgina homeland security investments by $800,000, hindering local law enforcement's ability to keep our families safe; and

     -- Drops 1,795 West Virgina children from Head Start, an early-education program proven to help students thrive later on.

And it could mean nearly 1 million American jobs lost -- all without making a dent in the deficit.

With a shutdown looming, we're approaching a critical moment that could quickly become a crisis.

Organizing for America will make sure Americans know that millions of people -- from every district in this country -- will be affected by these cuts.

And we'll show lawmakers that we're paying attention, we're organizing, and we're not going to stop. That we refuse to accept partisan games that could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs -- or a government shutdown that puts our economy at risk.

Please add your name in support of the President today:



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America
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