Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glenn Beck and Republicans Making Fun of Japanese Tsunami

Some crazy right-wingers - Glen Beck and Mississippi Gov Harley Barber to name a few - have been sending out absolutely disgusting messages about Japan's Tsunami.

Mississippi Governor's press secretary Dan Turner has resigned after sending out an outrageous email on Tsunami. In his email, he joked on that day in 1968, "OTIS REDDING POSTHUMOUSLY RECEIVED A GOLD RECORD FOR HIS SINGLE, ( SITING'ON ) THE DOCK OF THE BAY. (NOT A BIG HIT IN JAPAN NOW.)" This is obviously not exactly the type of jokes people in Japan expect from someone who works for a Governor of United States. This surely upsets a lot Japanese-Americans in US. Barber might decide to run for president, so he fired his press secretary.

But it's doesn't end there. Glen Beck also had some stupid things to say, as usual. He said that God punished Japan! "I'm not saying God is causing earthquakes, well... I'm not not saying that either. What God does is God's business." He continued, " Hey you know that stuff we're doing [ in Japan ] not really working out real well. May be we should stop doing some of it. I'm just saying [laughing]."

What Glen beck is saying God kills hundreds of thousands of people - men, women and children - because they angered him. Anybody with sane have to wonder what Japanese people have done to receive these kind of ridiculous comments from the Republicans. This is just another example of the hatred Republicans have towards Asians. Clearly they don't like China; they figured Japan is almost like China! IDIOTS.
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