Tuesday, March 8, 2011

President Obama and Sen. Rand Paul Agree On One Thing!

President Obama has tired to close Guantanamo Bay but each time the Republicans have blocked it. They said every time they hold President Obama back, they won.

There's one Republican senator who agrees with President Obama on Guantanamo Bay issue - Rand Paul. There are A LOT of differences between Senator Paul and Pres. Obama,but at least on this issue, it great to see him willing to break party-lines and side with the President.

Evey reasonable American agree that Guantanamo Bay prisoners should bring to justice. That's exactly what Rand Paul stated on FOX News:
"The thing is that justice should be a trial and to do something with the people who should be responsible for this. So indefinite detention, I don't think, is a good idea. Let's go ahead and have trials and justice." - Rand Paul (R-KY)
In the great history of our nation, we have tried numerous trials against anybody who committed crimes against US! They have been very successful. Now is the time to close Gitmo, because even tea-party Republicans agree with President Obama!

Do you think President Obama should close Guantanamo Bay? Share your opinion below.
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