Thursday, March 10, 2011

"There's no better economic policy than one that produces more graduates with the skills they need to succeed"

On a visit to TechBoston in Boston, Massachusetts, yesterday, President Obama called on everyone--parents, teachers, students, government, businesses and philanthropists—to get involved with improving educational outcomes across the country:
There's no better economic policy than one that produces more graduates with the skills they need to succeed—to start their own businesses, to create their own Microsoft, to create new industries. And that's why reforming education is the responsibility of every single American—every parent, every teacher, every business leader, every public official, and yes, every student.

We can't forget that every year, schools like TechBoston have to hold a lottery, because there just aren¹t enough spaces for all the students who want to go here. The reason they want to go here is because they know that if they go to some of the other schools in the area, they won't do as well. They know that they might drop out. They might not get the same reinforcement that they need. There might not be that same culture of excellence and performance. That means they may not go to college, and they know they may not succeed.

All of that shouldn't depend on a lottery. That can't be the system of education we settle for in America. No child's chance in life should be determined by the luck of a lottery. Not in this country. This is a place where everyone gets the chance to succeed, where everybody should have a chance to make it. The motto of this school is, "We rise and fall together". Well, that is true for America as well. That's true for America as well.

If we want to prosper in the 21st century, and if we want to keep the American Dream alive in our time, then we're going to rise together. We've all got to come together. We've got to give our children the same world-class education that you are getting right here at TechBoston. And as long as I am President, that's what I'm going to be fighting for right alongside you.
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