Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gingrich Opposes Republican Medicare Plan, Calls it "right-wing social engineering"

Strangely enough, 2012 presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich opposed Paul Ryan backed GOP medicare plan. He called it "right-wing social engineering". As soon as he said, there was a wildfire on the Republican isle. "Gingrich re-opens this issue in a way that gives a perfect sound bite to every Democrat that voted against the budget. Now Republicans will be forced to explain why their position on Medicare is not radical social engineering," told one GOP House campaigns strategist.

Newt, in hurry to erase the damage he had done, came out swinging at the media, saying it was "gotcha" journalism. This sounds more like Sarah Palin, doesn't it? May be he's the grandpa of Sarah Palin :-)

"If you want to dig deep into what this tells us about Newt, it's that he's lost a sense of the conservative constituency in the party. Why doesn't he know that these issues [the House GOP budget and Obama's health care mandate] have become the Holy Grail for GOP primary voters? He used to get the pulse of the Republican Party better than anyone," said one GOP ally.

If anyone played "gotcha" here, it was Gingrich -- on himself, and on the Republican Party. Either way Newt, good luck telling the truth, because Republican Medicare plan is all about radical social engineering. In fact, those who voted for the plan too have a hard-time back in their districts selling it to their constituents.

To Obama's 2012 supporters: make this one of your primary talking-points when talking your friends, family and neighbors about Medicare. It's time to get back the House in 2012 Election.
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