Friday, May 20, 2011

Michelle Obama talking to supporters about Pres. Obama's 2012 re-election

First lady Mrs. Obama, speaking from a podium decorated with 2012 signage, in her first formal speech of the reelection campaign, said President Barack Obama needs supporters to stick with him and “be in this with him for the long haul.”
Here's the thing about my husband: even in the toughest moments, when it seems like all is lost, Barack Obama never loses sight of the end goal. He never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the noise, even if it comes from some of his best supporters. He just keeps moving forward.

And in those moments when we're all sweating it, when we're worried that the bill won't pass or the negotiation will fall through, Barack always reminds me that we're playing a long game here. He reminds me that change is slow—it doesn't happen overnight.

If we keep showing up, if we keep fighting the good fight and doing what we know is right, then eventually we will get there.

We always have.
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