Friday, June 10, 2011

Barack Obama on American Manufacturing Workforce

Today, President Obama visited Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia where he discussed the importance of training and preparing our workforce to compete for manufacturing jobs of the future.

In his remarks today, President Obama stressed the importance of matching the skills manufacturers need with curriculums at local community colleges, stating that the “goal isn’t just making sure that somebody has got a certificate or a diploma.  The goal is to make sure your degree helps you to get a promotion or a raise or a job.”

The President also discussed the importance in investing in education, technology, and research in order to build a stronger economy in the long term:
Let me just make this point. If we don’t decide to do this -- it’s possible that we could choose not to do the things that I just talked about. We could choose not to make investments in clean energy or let tuition prices rise and force more Americans to give up on the American Dream. We could choose to walk away from our community college system. We could say to ourselves, you know what, given foreign competition and low wages overseas, manufacturing is out the door and there’s not much we can do about it. We could decide, in solving our fiscal problems, that we can’t afford to make any of these investments, and those of us who’ve done very well don’t have to pay any more taxes in order to fund these investments.
President Barack Obama looks under the hood of a hybrid car
President Barack Obama looks under the hood of a hybrid car during a tour of the General Auto Lab at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia.June 8, 2011. (by Chuck Kennedy)

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