Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republican Debate: Who sucked the most?

Stephen Colbert destroys Tim Pawlenty, and rightly so!
Well they all suck! They all want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and give more to people with the most. Mitt Romney, should the Republican field stay the way it is, will be the nominee, and challenge President Barack Obama in 2012 election cycle. Last time on a poll, he was in the first place at 24%, and the Sarah Palin, who's not even in the race, at 16%. In third place, we have Herman Cain at 9%. Tim Pawlenty is not even among the top 5 candidates!

At the debate on Monday, John King gave everybody candidate to hit Romney, but none of them did. Worst person was Tim Pawlenty, who said on Sunday that President Obama looked into Massachusetts' heathcare plan, which has been was proposed by Mitt Romney. He combined the two and called it "Obamneycare." Sounds tough right, but not at the debate on Monday. When Pawlenty was given the opportunity to hit Romney hard on that issue, he cowardly backed off! He looked pathetic, specially who wrote a book, and promised to run a campaign on courage. He's such a looser!
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