Monday, June 13, 2011

Romney Attacks Obama With a Stupid Video

The Romney campaign launches a web video hours before the New Hampshire Republican debates. It's titled "Bumps in the Road," that basically rips what President Obama said on economy.

The video "highlights President Obama's failure to create jobs for millions of unemployed Americans and shows that the unemployed are not just economic statistics, but are real Americans looking to support themselves and their families," says Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades, in an email to supporters. But the video says that Pres Obama painted Americans as bumps in the road, in fact, what Obama really said was "Bumps 'ON' the road to [economic] recovery". That's not saying "Americans are bumps on the road", nor even "bumps IN the road".

Romney is at the top of the most recent polls of the battle for the Republican nomination, including a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national survey out Monday at Because of his perceived front-runner status, expect Romney to direct his firepower more at Obama rather than any of the six other rivals on the debate stage.

Besides taking President Obama's speech out of context, this video is really really boring, just the Mitt Romney himself. You can watch the video below:

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