Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts on Republican Debate

Some of your thoughts on Monday night Republican debate:
I won't be watching the Republican Presidential Debate tonight. I don't really trust any of them. I especially those who are associated with, and supported by the Tea Party Movement (a racist movement). And I personally consider the Tea Party to be a racist group that opppose to all of the gains that were made through the Civil Right movement. And ther are many other African Americans who feel the same way that I do. We don't trust the Tea Party in any way, shape of form. They remind me of the indivduals and groups like the White Citizens Council, and KKK that Terrorized and killed many African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement.
President Obama and his 2012 campaign need to remain quiet and let the republicans spin their fantastical claims. We need to keep track of what they say and use it against them when the time is right next year. They're counting on racist backlash to unseat President Obama, so they'll keep trying to frame him as "different". Let them...that will backfire on them too.

As for this field of republicans, Ron Paul is the best of the group and he could probably pull some independent voters away from President Obama. However, he doesn't pass muster with the evangelical-dominated gop. Its interesting that Romney is the frontrunner (again). The evangelicals won't support him. The gop cares about four things: god, guns, gays, abortion. Gingrich is having trouble letting go of the ghost, but he's done. I predict the eventual gop nominee will be somebody who hasn't yet thrown his/her hat in the ring.
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