Friday, July 1, 2011

Obama Campaign Raises Big Money, While Pawlenty Struggles

The official Twitter account for the Obama 2012 campaign tweeted a thank you to contributors shortly after 12 a.m. saying, “As of midnight, we’re closing the books on the first chapter of this campaign-with 493,697 donors. Thank you.”

On Obama's 2012 campaign website, it reads "It's midnight here in Chicago, and we're closing the books on the first chapter of this campaign with 493,697 donors. It's not just an amazing show of support for the President—it's a testament to the continued strength of this movement. Thank you."

The second quarter of presidential campaign fundraising closed at midnight on June 30.

Meanwhile, the Pawlenty's presidential campaign has only raised $4.2 Million! In fact, Ron Paul raised 4.5 Million in the first quarter. "It raises more questions about [Pawlenty's] validity to stay in the long haul and win out. If he can prove himself to be a more viable candidate then he can get more money," said O'Connell, a Republican consultant.
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