Thursday, July 28, 2011

Updates on Boehner's Failed Debt Plan

Updates on Boehner's Failed Debt Plan
John Boehner is a pathetic! Simply put, he couldn't get his own Republican colleagues to agree to his debt plan. GOP is deeply divided. There's the established branch of Republicans, likes of John McCain and Mitt Ronmey. And there's the branch of tea-baggers. That branch won't support Boehner's plan, saying that it doesn't have enough deep cuts, namely doesn't cut the much needed entitlement programs. Meanwhile, President Obama is out of spotlight dealing with his own stuff in the White House, which is the smart thing to do, because he doesn't want to get involved with this Republican madness. Nevertheless, here are the updates we received on Boehner's failed plan:

update (5:00 PM): Boehnerto delay vote on deb ceiling in the House because there's lack of Republican support! In other words, his own colleagues ( tea baggers ) won't support his approach. If Behonor fails to pass his own piece legislature through a Republican House, it could be a huge embarrassment for himself and the Republican leadership!

update II( 10:34 PM): Boehner's debt bill still hasn't hit the House floor yet because, as reported earlier, there's lack of support among Republicans! Looks like the House won't debate on this tonight, thus postponing this to tomorrow. We are surely running out of time, folks! More as we get it, stay turned.

Update III ( 10:38 PM): Ron Paul is among Republicans who won't support the Speaker Boehner's debt plan. Also, it's just reported NO House Democrat will support this plan!

update IV ( 10:40 PM): No debt vote tonight in the House! Boehner has to add some legislative changes to his plan to get the Republicans to vote on it, so a vote is taking place tomorrow.
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