Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who Created Debt Problem - Obama or Bush?

Who Created Debt Problem - Obama or Bush?
Republicans say all the time it's because of President Barack Obama's spending, we are in this mess. Well, in reality that's not the case. The fact are, the Bush Taxcuts, enacted in 2001, added $1.7 trillion to the debt, along with $1.3 trillion he spent in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. Also an addition $369 billion since the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan of 2003. In total, these spendings account for $3.369 trillion. These just highlights along with many other spending and government waste that took place under the Bush Administration.

All the above highlighted spendings were voted/approved by the current Republican leadership in congress. John Boehner and Eric Cantor voted for all of those - the same people who pretend to care for the debt ceiling issue we are facing today.

$3.369 trillion is how much Boehner and Cantor spent, yet they are refusing to raise the debt ceiling! Unbelievable.

In 2010, when President Obama agreed with the Republicans to extend Bush taxcuts for two more years, it cost over $870 billion. Wouldn't the Republicans have agree to it had they care for the debt ceiling? Only thing the Republicans care about is giving taxcuts to the rich, regardless of the amount that gets added to the national debt ceiling.

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