Sunday, August 14, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Sucking up to Tim Pawlenty

Governor Rick Perry Sucking up to Tim Pawlenty
Now, before you go ahead and judge us here at Obama'12 Blog for coming up with such title, it is true that Rick Perry wants to take supporters away from established branch of the Republincans like Tim Pawlenty if he wants to challenge the front runner Mitt Romney.

In a press release, Rick Perry praised Tim Pawlenty as best as he could:

“Tim Pawlenty is a good friend and colleague who I have worked closely with over the years, including visiting our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a governor, Tim stuck to conservative principles despite leading a blue state like Minnesota. He and Mary are true patriots who are committed to our country, and ran an honorable campaign that reflected their integrity. Gov. Pawlenty’s common-sense conservative voice will remain prominent and influential as we work to beat President Obama in 2012 and get America working again.”
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