Monday, August 15, 2011

I project!

#EarlyProjection - President Barack Obama shall return to the White House, after winning the November, 2012 presidential election! Despite facing a difficult Washington & Congress, polls reflecting a frustrated electorate, and likely over looking the voters who actually brought him to power in 2008(YOUTHS, who due to schedule, generally don't take those calls or participate in political surveys), also, add all of those Republican candidates and strategists who find it fit to replace the name, "George W. Bush" with President Obama's name. How dishonest of them? But the biggest disappointment are those who will support and encourage them! My mother always thought me that, the upholder is just as bad as the "thief!"

But as far as I can see, thus far, there is no 'real' front runner in that other party's primary, and President Obama has the right message. So, I won't be surprised at all, that he performs remarkably well despite the odds against him, firing up every audence / crowd with an incredible stump speech, something he does exceptionally well! Best of luck Mr. President, you fight, I fight! God bless!
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